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      Driven January 2018

      1.2l diesel Skoda Fabia. Manual, eco version


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      Driven January 2018

      testing by Ventutec


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Remember your car history on Share my Test Drive

Once you reach a certain age, you are sure to have a long and sometimes embarrassing car history.

Often, Your first car wouldn’t start. Your second car was a sporty GTI, had done 100k miles and regularly broke down or made strange noises going round corners……remember?

Well now through Share My Test Drive you can build your car history. The story of the embarrassing and (hopefully) not so embarrassing cars of your past.

  • What was your first car?
  • What was the worst car you have owned?
  • What is the best car you have owned?

Build your car history on Share My Test Drive, add photos. videos and write about the cars. Then share these car reviews with your friends and family. Many of your older friends will remember these cars, and the cars they had at the time. Your younger relatives probably wont remember your the cars you had and they will be amazed by what you used to drive!


Build your virtual car history on Share my Test Drive

To add the cars you used to own onto Share my Test Drive, simply add a review for each of your old cars and store them in you ‘Past Cars’ collection. You can then share your ‘car history’ with friends and family.

You can add lots of information about the cars you once owned to Share my Test Drive. Include a brief overview of the cars, add photos and videos. Include information about the engine size, colour, velour interior and driving performance. You can also add those little stories about the cars and the fun you had in them.

Adding a review is simple and quick. You first need to register and then it is simply a case of filling in the template with information about your car adding some pictures or videos and thats it! The web site will automatically format your review to make it look smart and professional. You can save the review as you go along and  can come back anytime to edit or delete your review.

Check out other members car reviews

Check out other members cars car reviews at Share my Test Drive, the online car community of car reviews, for new and used cars. All our reviews are written by real owners and drivers of the cars being reviewed, giving you the most relevant and unbiased car reviews on the internet.

To see our members car reviews simply select the make and model from the drop down boxes above and click search


Can you Build a Definitive History of the Cars from Your Past?

When you start thinking about it you have probably owned a lot of different cars. Start adding reviews about the cars you used to drive and you will be amazed by what you were driving compared to what you are driving today. Find old photos of the cars you used to drive and you will be amazed how shockingly bad the styling, equipment and performance were compared to the modern cars of today.


Using Share My Test Drive is easy

Share My Test Drive is a free to use web site community set up by a small group of car industry professionals. To start using the site, simply register, set up your profile and start looking at the car reviews. Once you’ve seen a few reviews why not add reviews for your own cars, including pictures or videos so that other people can benefit from your words of wisdom too!

Everyone who registers on the site gets their own personal homepage. Your homepage shows the cars you have added to the site, your friends and what they have been doing on the site and the groups you have joined.


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