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Reliable and Informative Used Car Reviews

If you’re looking to buy a used car, Share My Test Drive can help you to find the best make and model for your needs and budget with impartial used car reviews and ratings from our members.

We understand the complexities of the used car market, and how hard it can be to find unbiased car reviews that provide real answers to the questions you want to ask.

As a result, we’ve developed Share My Test Drive to offer an honest and accountable used car guide from the people who truly know the car you want to buy - those who drive it on a day to day basis.


Find the Best Used Cars to buy with Share My Test Drive

Unlike most car forums which purely cater for enthusiasts and experts, Share My Test Drive provides something for everyone, whether you’re after a reliable car for you and your family, or you’re an enthusiast with specialist knowledge of a particular make or model.

What brings all of our members together is that they offer honest and impartial information about the car they drive on a daily basis in the form of used car reviews  so you can decide if the same make or model will be suitable for your needs.


Car information from people you trust

Car manufacturers know that the main source of information people use when buying a car are their friends, family or work colleagues. Manufacturer brochures or local car dealers are a long way down the list and are mostly used for detailed specifications rather than emotional buying information.

Share My Test Drive lets you expand your source of information and lets you make a more informed decision from reviews by people like you. Share My Test Drive is a community where people share their car reviews with other members, in return they get to see other peoples reviews for cars they are interested in.

However, this is just the start, Share My Test Drive can help you with many other car related activities, read more about these below

Find out more about our new car reviews here



What to expect from Share My Test Drive’s Used Car Reviews

It is our aim to give you access to the information you need, so in addition to the car reviews that our members provide, you’ll have the ability to ask questions to get the answers you require. 

Generally, our reviews include:

  • Ratings on the overall performance of the car
  • Features on the car that work well, along with features that don’t perform as well
  • Information on the overall efficiency
  • How the car compares to other similar makes/models
  • What to look for when buying this particular make/model of used car


To look at our members used car reviews simply select the car you are interested in from the two drop down boxes above


Looking for really old used car reviews?

Since Share my Test Drive covers new, used and classic cars you may be surprised what you can find being reviewed on Share my Test Drive. We have car reviews for cars going back to the 1950's and earlier. Some of our members have included reviews for famous cars from films and movies some have also stretched the meaning of 'car' and even included reviews for planes or tractors. Come in and take a look and add your own!


Why use Share My Test Drive for Car Reviews?

Our members range from a car enthusiasts to people with no particular or specialist interest in cars.  What’s unique about our service is that all the car reviews are based on honest opinions, without bias. All reviews are from people who are driving and using these cars on a daily basis, not just once or twice for a test drive. 

Click on the link to see an example of one of our members car reviews


used car reviews share my test drive Ford Focus used car reviews  share my test drive  citroen DS3 used car reviews share my test drive Audi Q3 used car reviews share my test drive used car reviews  share my test drive used car reviews share my test drive

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