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Triumph Stag Reviews

See Triumph Stag reviews with a difference on share my test drive. All the Triumph Stag reviews on Share My Test Drive are written by real owners and drivers of Triumph Stags. The reviews, written by our members include reviews by current and past owners of the car. 

If you are an owner or past owner of the Stag, why not leave a review about your car? Include pictures and your thoughts on the car and share them with other Stag owners and enthusiasts.


Triumph Stag History

The Triumph Stag started out as a concept car by the Triumph designer Giovanni Michelotti. Based on the Triumph 2000 saloon, the concept was for a 4 seat convertible. The solid rollover bar was important to give back some of the strength to the monocoque body frame, following removal of the roof. Launched in 1970, the car was almost unique in the automotive world at the time.

The car was long and low slung with a massive bonnet to house the 3 litre V8 engine. The car was fitted with a Triumph built V8 unit, that proved to be seriously flawed, in that it frequently suffered from cooling issues, resulting in engine overheating, blown cylinder head gaskets and a multitude of other issues.

Eventually the engine issues were solved but it was too late for the reputation of the Stag, which ceased production in 1976. It was not replaced, which is a shame since the concept was undoubtedly a good one.

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Car manufacturers know that the main source of information people use when buying a new car are their friends, family or work colleagues. Manufacturer brochures or local car dealers are a long way down the list and are mostly used for detailed specifications rather than emotional buying information.

Share My Test Drive lets you expand your source of information and lets you make a more informed decision from reviews by people like you. Share My Test Drive is a community where people share their car reviews with other members, in return they get to see other peoples reviews for cars they are interested in.

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Check out our members owner car reviews at Share My Test Drive, the online car community of car reviews, for new and old cars. All our reviews are written by real owners of the cars being reviewed, giving you the most relevant and unbiased car reviews on the internet. You can also add pictures and videos of your cars to your review. Add your Triumph Stag review now!

Alternatively, take a look at some of our members car reviews.


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