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Rover SD1 Reviews

Take look at the Rover SD1 reviews on Share My Test Drive. The Rover SD1 reviews on Share My Test Drive have been written by real owners and drivers the famous Rover SD1. The reviews, written by our members, include reviews from current and past owners of the car since its launch in 1976.

If you own a Rover SD1 or have owned one in the past why not add to the collection of reviews by adding your own? Add pictures of your car and tell us the good and the bad points of the car.


Rover SD1 History

The Rover SD1 was launched in 1976. It was a futuristic, stylish car, which looked more than a little like a Ferrari. The Rover 3500 was developed whilst British Leyland was under government ownership in the mid 70’s. It was a fastback / hatchback and offered loads of space for passengers. Its interior was full of velour and was well equipped for the time. Unfortunately the build quality made it almost impossible to truly compete with the German competition of the time, despite the potential of the car.

The car at launch had the excellent Rover V8 3500 engine matched to a 5 speed gearbox, this was soon joined by the less powerful and less responsive 2600 and 2000 engines.

The Rover SD1 stands out as a great potential car that was seriously let down by poor management and poor quality of the UK automotive industry or the time



Create your Dream Car virtual collection

Everyone has a long list of cars that have been significant to them for any number of reasons. With share my test drive you can create you own virtual car collection, adding pictures, videos and comments about your favorite cars of all time. You can choose the theme of your collection and the cars you want to have in the collection. Would you include a Rover 3500 in your Dream collection?

Find out more about creating great car collections on share my test drive


Connect to friends and fellow club members

Share my test drive lets you link to friends or create and join groups. The group theme can be anything you want so if you want to have a group dedicated to Rover SD1 owners you can create it, invite your friends and then share information about your cars. Once you are linked to a friend, anytime they add or change a car review you are notified about the change on your homepage. So you can keep up to date with what they are doing and what cars they have added to the community. You can also leave comments about their reviews and the cars they have added.


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