Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Now I have registered on Share My Test Drive, what do I do now?

We recommend you do the following 3 things whilst you are getting used to how the site works. This quick start guide will take you through these 3 steps

1.    Update your personal profile

2.    Add your current car to Share My Test Drive

3.    Add a Test Drive for your current Car 



Click on the ‘face’ Icon next to your name, or click on the ‘MY PROFILE’ button at the very top of the page
Click on the ‘EDIT MY PERSONAL INFORMATION’ button at the top of the page
Click on the pencil icon, select ‘UPLOAD IMAGE’ button and select a photo from your computer to use as your profile image
Click on ‘CROP IMAGE’, if you wish, and crop the image by moving the corners of the dashed rectangle. You can click and hold on the dashed rectangle to move the rectangle. Dont worry you can change the crop at any time in the future
Enter your first name, surname, email address, the county you live in and your age range
Click the ‘SAVE’ button
NOTE: You can change your email address and password at any time in the future on this page



Click the ‘+’ sign next to My Cars in the Personal Zone (left hand side)
From the drop down lists select your car make, model, car type and year of registration. Enter the colour of your car
Then enter a short Summary of your car, we suggest something like:-

Jaguar XF sedan, 3.0l diesel auto, dark grey exterior, black leather interior, premium luxury trim level, 20” wheels

The XF is a great car, stylish on the outside, high quality feel and nice design on the inside. Plenty of toys and technology, but it is expensive and has high fuel costs, the rear seating is a bit small.

Next click the collection you want to add this car to, in this case tick the ‘CURRENT CAR’ box
Then add some pictures of your car. We suggest you add front, side and rear images and some interior shots, particularly the dashboard. Take these pictures of your car yourself and make them as beautiful as possible. Choose a great location as a backdrop.
To add the pictures, click on the ‘ADD IMAGE’ button and a blank picture frame appears
Click on the pencil icon and then the ‘UPLOAD IMAGE’ button. Select your picture file from your hard drive or take the picture direct from your iPad camera. Click on the ‘CROP IMAGE’ button and adjust dotted box on the screen so it fits properly in the frame.
Click the ‘SAVE CROP’ button
You can then add further pictures as you wish upto a total of 6 images per car. Dont worry if you dont get it right first time, you can go back and edit the pictures whenever you want.
Finally leave an overall rating for your car out of 5.
Click ‘SAVE’

Congratulations you have added your first car to Share My Test Drive!



From your homepage click the ‘+’ button next to ‘MY TEST DRIVES’ in the Personal Zone Select your current car from the list and click ‘ADD TEST DRIVE’
Enter your test drive by filling in the boxes with your comments leaving ratings where shown Click ‘SAVE’

You have now added your first Test Drive on Share My Test Drive!


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