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      Driven January 2018

      1.2l diesel Skoda Fabia. Manual, eco version


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      Driven January 2018

      testing by Ventutec


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Owner car reviews written by real experts

Looking for real expert car reviews? All our reviews are written by real owners of the cars being reviewed. Our members leave their car reviews on Share my Test Drive to share their views on their cars with other people. Their reviews include details about the cars that can only be found by people that drive the cars day in, day out for many months or years.

The many car reviews found on the internet or in magazines tend to be written by professional journalists that are given the car to test by manufacturers. They are likely to have the car for at best a few days or more likely a few hours. They are usually under pressure to give a car a good write up or they may not get a chance to drive the next car.

To find our members car reviews simply select the car you are interested in from the two drop down search boxes above.


Who are the real car review experts?

Who do you trust when it comes to car reviews? Most likely it is yourself or friends and colleagues that own and drive the car you are interested in. Many people buy the same car time and time again since they are used to the car and the dealer they buy the car from. But is this the best car for them? Possibly not, often they are buying the same car simply because they don’t know what else to buy and don’t have reliable sources of information. Share my Test Drive gives you the opportunity to spread your net a little wider and get comments, recommendations or ‘don’t buys’ from more people.

See a small selection of our members car reviews, there are many more available once you have registered.


Reviews for new and used cars

It is quite easy to get online reviews for the latest cars on the market. Manufacturers will be advertising the cars, dealers will be sending you lots of information and there will be cars to look at in the local dealers. But how do select a used car? Who can you talk to, where can you find car reviews to look at? Unfortunately, the most likely sources of information will be from very biased people, such as the car dealer or the current private owner that is trying to sell you the car. If you don’t have a friend with the same sort of car you are likely to struggle. To help you find out more information we recommend you take a look at the real owner car reviews on Share My Test Drive.

See more about used car reviews on Share My Test Drive

Add your own car reviews and share your views with other people

If you have a car that you love (or hate) then why not help others by leaving a short review on Share my Test Drive. This lets other people benefit from your views on the car. Leaving a review is easy and doesn’t take long. Once you have registered on the site, there is a simple template to fill in along with plenty of tips to help you fill in the words. Once finished your review is then professionally formatted for other people to look at. You can also add pictures or videos to help you review your car. Don’t worry you can easily change the review later and even save it half way through and finish it off later

To find some of our members car reviews simply select the car you are interested in from the drop down search boxes above.


Add car reviews for the cars you owned in the past

Once you’ve added your first owners review, you don’t have to stop there. You can add reviews for the cars you have owned in the past, over time building up to a virtual car history for all the cars you have owned, including probably the most important car you ever owned, your first car.

Find out more about building your car history


Connect with friends and colleagues

One of the best features of Share My Test Dive is that you can connect to friends or groups, so you can keep updated with what your friends are doing on the site. You can also join groups so you can keep updated on owner car reviews for people that have similar interests to yourself


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