How it Works

How it Works

Welcome to Share My Test Drive

Share My Test Driv is an easy to use web site that enables you to create reviews and share your ideas about cars you own, have owned or would like to own in the future.

It is well known in the car industry that one of the most important sources of information about cars people use is talking to friends, family or work colleagues. With this site we aim to share these views with many more people. So potentially, we can all make better decisions.


How to use Share My Test Drive

As you work through the site you will see little ‘i’ icons next to many buttons and next to boxes where you type something. If you hover over these icons they will pop up to give you help about what to do next or what to type into the box.


Before you can use the site or see other peoples test drives you need to register on the site. This is simply a case of adding your name, email address and a password. Don’t worry we will not share this information to other parties. The password must be medium strength, at least 6 characters long with a capital and a number.


Page Layout

Once you are logged in you will be taken to your very own, personal homepage. This page is unique to you and it is from here that you manage all your information on sharemytestdrive.

The layout of Sharemytestdrive is very simple. There are three main areas of every page.


Your Homepage

Everyone that registers on ShareMyTestDrive gets their own personal hompage unique to them. The page layout is very simple. In the Personal Zone, on the left hand side of the page is a summary of everything about you, your cars, your friends and your groups. 

In the Information Zone, in the middle of the page, is shown your personal newsfeed. The newsfeed is a quick way for you to see what your friends or your a member of one of your groups are doing on the site. It will show you when a friend adds a car, test drive or comment, it will show you when someone from one of your groups adds a car review, test drive or comment. It will also show you if someone leaves a comment about one of your test drives

In the right hand side your home page are our pole position polls. Read the question tick the correct box. The results will be shown to you once you have left an answer.


Navigating the site

The Navigation of Share My Test Drive is very simple, just follow a few simple rules:-

There are always 3 buttons available at the very top of every page


The Search box

At the top of every page is the search box. You can search for a car, a person, a group or a garage. Simply enter the word or name you are looking for, click on the magnifying glass icon, and a list of things appear to match the search word. Click on the heading of the results box to change the search results between cars, people, garage or group.


What is a Group?

A Group is a collection of similar minded people. So a group could be for drivers of a specific car make or model. Or could be for a group of people with a similar hobby, or lifestyle or age group. For example dog owners, company car drivers, over 60’s, or small car owners. Or a group could be for a specific company or club.

Anyone can create a group and anyone can join a group. Once you have joined a group any activity by someone in the group is shown in your newsfeed on your home page.

Use the search box to find groups that are of interest to you.


What is a Friend?

A Friend is someone you want to link to, this can be someone you know, or someone you find on the site that has similar interests or cars to you. To friend someone you need to send them a request. They can either accept or reject your friend request. You can delete that friend at any point in the future.

Once you are a friend anything that either person does on the site appears on you newsfeed on your home page.


What is a Test Drive?

A test drive on ShareMyTestDrive is a review of your car written by you. There is a standard layout for a test drive on ShareMyTestDrive. This includes:


What is a Collection?

In ShareMyTestDrive you can group your cars into collections. Collections enbale you to keep similar car reviews together. For example, you keep the cars you currently drive in your ‘current car’ collection, you keep the cars you used to own in your ‘past car’ collection.

When you sign up for ShareMyTestDrive you automatically get 4 collections. These are a ‘current car’ collection, a ‘past car’ collection, a ‘dream car’ collection and a ‘classic car’ collection.

However, with ShareMyTestDrive you can create additional collections. These can be about any subject you want. For example, you could create a collection for ‘best movie cars’, or best ‘Childrens cars’, or ‘Best cars under £1000’ or ‘Worst cars ever’. Or perhaps you want an ‘ultimate boys toy’s’ collection, including an Airbus A380 or a JCB digger or a Second World War Spitfire? Well create the collection, add some pictures and a ‘test drive’ and off you go….

Anyone can search for your collections and see what you like. See how many people like your collections.

Adding a Car to Share My Test Drive

There are two parts to adding a car to ShareMyTestDrive. Firstly you add the car to the site. Then you add your test drive to the car you have added.


How do I add a car to Share My Test Drive?

  1. Click on the plus sign next to My Cars
  2. Add your car from the drop down boxes, including make, model, type of car (eg saloon or estate) and the year the car was first registered. Then add in the car colour and a short introduction to your car. Try to include your car type, engine size, automatic or manual, exterior colour and interior colour, plus any extras on the car and any comments you may have about the car.
  3. Add your car to a collection by clicking the relevant box
  4. You can then add photos of your car, try to include interior and exterior pictures of your car, and take great pictures in wonderful places. You can add upto 5 different pictures. When you upload the picture you can then crop the picture to size.
  5. If you use an Ipad or phone you can upload the pictures directly.
  6. Finally give your car an overall rating, and press save


How do I add a Test Drive?

  1. Once you have added a car to ShareMyTestDrive you can then add a full test drive to that car.
  2. Click on the car and press ‘add a test drive’
  3. Then fill in the various boxes in the standard test drive template. These are shown below. You can leave any boxes blank if you wish, and you can come back later and edit your test drive.

           5. Leave a rating for each aspect and click save to save your test drive.


What Can I do with Share My Test Drive?

ShareMyTestDrive is primarily a review site for cars, but it is also an interesting and fun site. A few suggestions of things to do on the site are:-

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