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Classic Car reviews

There are a huge number of classic car fans around the world. Every single fan has a passion for the car they have or would like to have. Leave your classic car reviews on share my test drive. Every car has a story associated with it. Share the passions and stories about your cars on Share My Test Drive.

Share My Test Drive is a free to use site for with the purpose of sharing your reviews and thoughts about your cars with other people. Add photo’s and videos and write short reviews about your cars and share them with friends or other people in your car clubs.

See some of our members car reviews


Keep your Classic Cars in your own virtual collection

As you add more cars to Share My Test Drive you can start to build your own on-line virtual classic car collection, start adding in the cars you used to own, or the cars you want to own in the future. In this way nothing is out of your reach no matter how rare the car may be.

Maybe your aspirations are slightly lower, well add in your classic cars and join with other similar minded members by creating a group focused on your specific classic car. In this way you can see what other people are saying about your favourite classic car. You can also leave comments to share with the other group members.

Find out about creating car collections on share my test drive


Quality classic car reviews

Share My Test Drive caters for all types of cars, offering unbiased reviews by people that actually own or work on the cars.

Our members include classic car enthusiasts who rate, review and comment on classic cars of all makes and models. These can range from huge American Muscle Cars, Great British Classics, Retro 70s and 80s, vintage 60s..... and everything in between.

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What to expect from our car reviews

All of our car reviews are submitted by the people who love and work on these cars on a regular basis. As a result you can expect honest reviews that you can rely on

The kind of information provided includes:

  • What is the car like to drive and to work on.
  • How it compares to other similar classic cars
  • Availability of parts and spares for the car


Getting started with car reviews

Search through share my test drives to find owners and test drives of the car of your choice. Join or create a group of owners for your favourite car and share your ideas and thoughts.

Add your classic cars to Share My Test Drive and connect with like minded people.

Check out one of members car reviews, now add your own!

Real Car Reviews by Real Drivers

Getting reliable car reviews before you go out and buy a car can be quite a challenge. There are plenty of reviews in magazines and on the internet written by journalists and car manufacturers. As good as these are, there is always a big difference between driving a car day or two or even for just a few hours and driving it day in day out for several years. Remember, most professional reviews are written by people that only drive the car, for at most, a few days.

The car reviews on Share My Test Drive are written by real car owners, people that own and live with their cars day in, day out often for several years. The resulting reviews are a much more accurate reflection of what its like to live with that car, the good the bad and the ugly.

Find out more about our new car reviews


Have you tried to get a car review for a 5 year old car?

There are plenty of reviews across the media for the latest models on the forecourt. Reviews for cars a few years old can often be found online. What about reviews for cars 5 or 10 years old? These can be tough to find.

Share My Test Drive can help out here. Our members reviews are for the latest cars on the road, right back to cars from the 60’s and 70’s and before! This is great since you will be able to find relevant reviews for the car you are interested in regardless of whether you are looking at the very latest model or looking at buying a 10 year old second hand car.

Find out more about our used car reviews here


Create a virtual car collection of your favorite cars of all time

Everyone has a long list of cars that have been significant to them for any number of reasons. With Share My Test Drive you can create you own virtual car collection, adding pictures, videos and comments about your favourite cars of all time. You can choose the theme of your collection and the cars you want to have in the collection.

Find out more about creating great car collections on Share My Test Drive


Build you car history at Share My Test Drive

Share My Test Drive is a great place to build your own personal virtual car history. Add reviews for all the cars you have owned going right back to the first car you drove. Add photos, add some great words, including some of the interesting stories related to the car. Its a great way to build up your car history. You can add to it and amend it as you remember more, find more photos and think of new and interesting stories. You can then share your car history with your friends and family

Find out more about creating your car history


Using Share My Test Drive is easy

Share My Test Drive is a free to use web site community set up by a small group of car industry professionals. To start using the site, simply register, set up your profile and start looking at the car reviews. Once you’ve seen a few reviews why not add reviews for your own cars, including pictures or videos so that other people can benefit from your words of wisdom too!

Everyone who registers on the site gets their own personal homepage. Your homepage shows the cars you have added to the site, your friends and what they have been doing on the site and the groups you have joined.

To get the best benefits from Share My Test Drive you need to register

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