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Citroen CX reviews

Citroen CX reviews with a difference on share my test drive. The Citroen CX reviews on Share My Test Drive are written by real owners and drivers of Citroen CX's. The reviews are written by current or past owners and drivers of the classic Citroen CX, one of the most technologically advanced cars of the 80's.

If you are an owner or past owner of a Citroen CX, why not leave a review about your car? Include pictures and your thoughts on the car and share them with other CX owners and enthusiasts.


Citroen CX History

The Citroen CX was first launched in 1975. The car seemed to take all Citroen technology found in Citroen cars since the original DS. It was packed with high tech features often found in sports cars but in a spacious 4 door saloon. This matched to its aerodynamic lines created a unique and prestigious car.

The Citroen CX came with the famous Citroen self levelling suspension, all round disk brakes and speed adjustable power steering.

The result of this technology was that CX ride and handling was better than anything else on the road at the time, it was however rather underpowered. It is said that the car was designed with a compact rotary engine in mind but at a late stage this was changed. The resulting under bonnet space was too small for anything but a small 4 cylinder engine.

By the end of its production in 1985 the car was fitted with more powerful engines that could take advantage of the handling the car could provide.


Are you a member of a car club with your Citroen CX?

There are hundreds of car clubs around the UK. Many Car clubs have excellent web sites and forums dedicated to the ins and outs of their favourite cars. Share my Test Drive is another resource car clubs can use. The site enables car club members to add reviews, pictures and videos of their own car and share this with the other club members.

Share my Test Drive gives club members the ability to leave information, reviews and pictures of their cars and to share this with other club members. We feel this is a new opportunity for car clubs, you can now start to build a ‘portfolio’ of all the cars in your club.

Why not talk to your fellow members about whether Share my Test Drive can help your car club?

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Why not make a virtual collection of your favourite cars

Everyone has a long list of cars that have been significant to them for any number of reasons. With Share my Test Drive you can create you own virtual car collection, adding pictures, videos and comments about your favorite cars of all time. You can choose the theme of your collection and the cars you want to have in the collection. Would you include the Citroen CX in your favourite car collection?

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