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      Driven January 2018

      1.2l diesel Skoda Fabia. Manual, eco version


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      Driven January 2018

      testing by Ventutec


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Exquisite car collections with Share My Test Drive 

If you’ve ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of high profile car collectors such as Chris Evans, the Sultan of Brunei, Jay Kay and Charlie Watts, now’s your chance. 
Share My Test Drive offers a unique opportunity for car lovers and enthusiasts to create a virtual collection of their all time favourite cars - no restrictions! You can also publish your own ‘test drive’ extolling the virtues of your chosen cars, highlighting the unique features of your favourite cars of all time.

Create your very own car collections 

Most of us drive one, maybe two cars on a regular basis, but this doesn’t stop us dreaming about all the cars we’d like to own if money were no object!
Through the creation of your own virtual car collections which friends, family and other Share My Test Drive members can follow, you can start to build your own collections to rival some of the world’s most famous car collectors.


What do your collections say about you?

The kind of cars that you have in your virtual collection can say a lot of about your personality and character, so it really is the place to go to town and build your perfect portfolio of motors.
Make sure you include photographs of your favourite cars showing them in the best light and in world famous locations. 
Be sure to use the description area to include all the must have features of the car you’d include if money were no object  - remember, there is no expense spared so now is not the time to hold off on some of the non-essential but luxurious additional features that make a car stand out from the crowd. 
You can add new cars to your collection at the touch of a button, so feel free to keep building your portfolio over time as you find more and more cars to make up your car collection.


Using Share My Test Drive is easy

Share My Test Drive is a free to use web site community set up by a small group of car industry professionals. To start using the site, simply register, set up your profile and start looking at the car reviews. Once you’ve seen a few reviews why not add reviews for your own cars, including pictures or videos so that other people can benefit from your words of wisdom too!

Everyone who registers on the site gets their own personal homepage. Your homepage shows the cars you have added to the site, your friends and what they have been doing on the site and the groups you have joined.

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Real Car Reviews by Real Drivers

Getting reliable car reviews before you go out and buy a car can be quite a challenge. There are plenty of reviews in magazines and on the internet written by journalists and car manufacturers. As good as these are, there is always a big difference between driving a car day or two or even for just a few hours and driving it day in day out for several years. Remember, most professional reviews are written by people that only drive the car, for at most, a few days.

The reviews on Share My Test Drive are written by real car owners, people that own and live with their cars day in, day out often for several years. The resulting reviews are a much more accurate reflection of what its like to live with that car, the good the bad and the ugly.

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