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      Driven January 2018

      1.2l diesel Skoda Fabia. Manual, eco version


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      Driven January 2018

      testing by Ventutec


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A great asset for Car Clubs

There are hundreds of car clubs around the UK. Many Car clubs have excellent web sites and forums dedicated to the ins and outs of their favourite cars. Share My Test Drive is another resource car clubs can use. The site enables car club members to add reviews, pictures and videos of their own car and share this with the other club members.

Share my test drive gives your members the ability to leave information, reviews and pictures of their car and to share this with other club members. We feel this is a new opportunity for car clubs, you can now start to build a ‘portfolio’ of all the cars in your club.

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Share my test drive can help enhance your members Car Club experience

Share my test drive is a web based car review community, it is easy to use by anyone with a computer or tablet and an internet connection. Once registered on the site you can add reviews of your cars. The reviews are broken down into several sections that you fill in. You can add photos and crop them to size, or you can add videos. The web site automatically formats and organizes your reviews to make them look professional.

See one of our members car reviews 

Another useful feature of share my test drive is  that you can link to ‘friends’ or can create or join a ‘group’. Friends are other members of share my test drive that you have linked to. Once linked, if any of your friends add or edit a new car this appears as a news item on your personal home page. Similarly, once you are a member of a group when anyone joins the group or adds a car to the group all members of the group are notified on their own personal homepage. As you would expect, you can of course leave comments on other peoples car reviews though out the site. Again you are notified about the comments on your personal homepage.

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Your First Car

Buying your first car is one of life’s first major achievements and key milestones. It opens the door to freedom, travel, friends and many other things. Your first car is something you will never forget, and no matter how bad it was, it is something you will love forever.

All cars have stories, probably your first car has the most!

Add a light hearted and fun review for your first car, include pictures, prices and videos and almost anything you want. Also include what you thought of the car, what you did with it and some of the adventures you had in it.


Build you car history at Share My Test Drive

Share My Test Drive is a great place to build your own personal virtual car history. Add reviews for all the cars you have owned going right back to the first car you drove. Add photos, add some great words, including some of the interesting stories related to the car. Its a great way to build up your car history. You can add to it and amend it as you remember more, find more photos and think of new and interesting stories. You can then share your car history with your friends and family

Find out more about creating your own personal car history

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