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      1.2l diesel Skoda Fabia. Manual, eco version


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New and used BMW 3 Series reviews on Share My Test Drive

Share My Test Drive is a great place to find new and used BMW 3 Series reviews. The reviews on Share My Test Drive are written by real owners and drivers of BMW 3 series cars. The reviews are written by our members, people that actually own and live with the cars.

Share My Test Drive member reviews include reviews for the earliest BMW 3 series brought into the UK, right up to the very latest cars just being delivered from the showroom. You will be able to find relevant reviews for the BMW 3 series you are looking at regardless of whether you are looking at the very latest model or looking to buying a 10 year old, second hand car.

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BMW 3 Series owner reviews

All the reviews on share my test drive are written by the real BMW 3 Series experts, people that actually use and drive the cars. So if you are looking to buy a BMW 3 series check out our members reviews and see what else they can tell you about the car.

Most car models on share my test drive get a dedicated homepage which will give you more information about the car and its history. Simply search for the car using the search drop downs above and it will take you to the model home page. User test drives can be found below the dedicated car information.Alternatively just click here to see the BMW 3 Series dedicated homepage



BMW 3 Series one of the biggest selling cars in the UK


The BMW 3 Series has had a long and distinguished place in the UK market. It has sold well since it was first launched almost 30 years ago, and has an enviable reputation for quality, style and driving performance. With models that cover the full spectra of performance, practicality and style the BMW 3 series has a huge number of owners, drivers and fans.


See alternative styles and colour options for the BMW 3 series on Share My Test Drive

Today, manufacturers are developing many different customer selectable options on their cars. These can include specialist body colours, contrast colour roofs, coloured alloy wheels with diamond turned finishes as well as all sorts of body stripes and other body decoration.

Our members can leave pictures of their cars on Share My Test Drive, this means that you can flick through a few reviews and see pictures of a wide range of the available colour and style options.

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