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Total Cars on the Road (2015)


Every year the DVLA also publishes a report which tells us the total number of cars on the road in the UK. For most of us this is actually more relevant than the monthly new car sales data the DVLA also produces. Which was the most popular car on the UK's roads in 2015?
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Total Cars on the Road (2014)


What is the total parc or total number of cars on the road in the UK according to the latest statistics? which are the top models and manufacturers
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UK New Car Registrations 2015


2015 turned out to be a bumper year for new car registrations in the UK with total sales reaching over 2.6 million units
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Tyre repair systems - instant expert


There are many different types of tyre repair systems supplied with cars today. The key drivers for changing the tyre repair systems are weight and cost. Lets see what they are and which work best
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Lexus Company History


Lexus Company History. In the mid 80’s Toyota started a project aimed at creating a luxury car brand that could successfully compete against the American luxury brands. Several years later Lexus emerged
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DAB radio, the switchover and cars


DAB radio is digital radio. We have moved to digital TV we are in the process of moving to digital radio. The government want us to move to digital radio to free up the FM band, but the DAB switchover is causing car manufacturers problems, find out why.
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Cruise control systems - Instant Expert


Cruise control is a system that once activated will keep a car travelling at a fixed speed. In recent years another radar based system called Adaptive Cruise Control has been launched. Which is better?
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Car Start / Stop systems - Instant Expert


First introduced in the early naughties start stop is a way of reducing the fuel consumption of cars. In most systems when the car comes to a stop the engine is turned off automatically
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New car launch timings


There are new cars being launched by different manufacturers all the time. These can be an ‘all new car’ or a ‘mid cycle refresh’ or a ‘new model year’. Car companies make a huge amount of effort to plan and execute these launches well
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What options should I buy with my new car?


There are a lot of different options available with cars nowadays. Which ones should I be choosing when I order a new car?

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