About Us

About Us

ShareMyTestDrive.com is a web site developed to help people share their thoughts about their cars. The site has been developed to be specifically about cars and car reviews, it is not intended to be a general review site.

The site has been developed by a group of people that have all held senior positions in the car industry. We understand how the car industry works, and have been able to include some of this knowledge in the design of the site.


Three key sources of information about cars

Car buyer behavior is well understood in the automotive industry. It is recognised that the customers use three main sources of information when fact finding and buying cars. These are:-

  1. Manufacturers information
  2. Test reports by professional journalists in magazines and news papers
  3. Friends, Family and work colleagues

The car industry knows that the last of these is the most important source of information for a car to get onto the customer consideration list. People spend a lot of time discussing cars in work and free time, discussing what they like and what they don’t like. It is a much more personal view of the cars based (often) on actually owning the car for an extended period.

Our intention with Share My Test Drive is to help expand the volume and range of information available to people from this third, key source of information, giving everyone access to a larger number of personal views of the cars they have owned.


Your Car History

In talking to people during the development of the site we have also found people love to talk about the cars they used to own, so we have also built in to the site the ability to create and share your car history, add in every car you have ever owned, including the ones you really don’t want to admit to owning!

We hope you enjoy using the site and sharing your views on the cars you have owned currently own or dream about owning in the future.

If you have any great ideas or suggestions please contact us on info@sharemytestdrive.com

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