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Car Reviews by Real Owners

Getting a reliable car review before you buy a new car can be quite a challenge. There are plenty of reviews in magazines and on the internet written by journalists and car manufacturers. As good as these are, there is always a big difference between driving a car for a day or two, or even for just a few hours, and driving it day in day out for several years. Remember, most professional reviews are written by people that only drive the car for, at most, a few days.

The owner reviews on Share my Test Drive are written by real car owners, people that own and live with their cars day in, day out, often for several years. The resulting reviews are a much more accurate reflection of what its like to live with that car; the good the bad and the ugly.

Its easy to find a car review for the car you are interested in. Simply select the make and model in the search boxes above and click on the search button. Take a look at the reviews and click on any you like the look of and see what people think of their car. Thats it, simple.

Once you have read a few car reviews by other people why not add a car review or two of your own? You need to register to leave a review, but this only takes a few seconds and you only need an email address. Click here to register


Your source of real, reliable car information

All car manufacturers know that the main source people use to get general information about cars and car brands is from their friends, family and work colleagues. This is not a huge surprise, since these are the people we regularly talk to and trust. Unfortunately, our friends tend to drive a relatively small number of cars and frequently these are not the makes and models that we are interested in.

With Share my Test Drive you can expand the number of ‘friends’ you have massively, you can get in depth, unbiased information about the cars you are interested in from a wide range of real car owners. Share my Test Drive is an online community where people share their views on car with other members, in return, they get to see other peoples reviews for cars they are interested in.

However, this is just the start, Share my Test Drive can help you with many other car related activities, read more about these below

Interested in more general information about your car?

We have created a 'Model Homepage' for most cars on Share my Test Drive. On these pages we have included general information about the car including when the car was being built, what car it replaced in the manufacturers line-up and often some design and positioning information about the car. This information is constantly being updated so please come back regularly to see the changes. If you have other information that you think we should include, please email us to let us know.

To see the model homepage fo the car you are interested in simply select the make and model in the drop down boxes above and click search. 


Add your own car reviews for the cars you love (or hate)

Once you've taken a look at a few of our members car reviews, why not add one for the car you currently drive. Its easy and quick to do. Once you have registered, simply type your review into the web site using the template provided. You can also add photos and videos. Its really easy to do and the web site formats your review automtically so its looks neat and professional. You can save your review as you go along and you can edit or delete it at a later date if you want to.

Some of our members have added reviews for all sorts of unusual or famous cars including Formula 1 cars, cars from movies and some have somewhat stretched the term 'car' and added reviews for planes or tractors or JCBs!


Do you want a car review for a 10 year old car?

Its easy to find car reviews for new or recent cars, but getting reviews for cars 10 or even 5 years old can be a challenge. Share my Test Drive can help out here. Our members reviews are for the latest cars on the road, right back to cars from the 60’s and 70’s and before! Take a look, you may be surprised what you can find! Again, if you had a great car in the 1960's or 1970's why not add a review about it and share your knowledge and experience with other members. While you are about it, why not add a review for the first car you ever owned? There will be lots of people interested in you thoughts I'm sure.

Find out more about our used car reviews here


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